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The various activities within svEjs AB reflects the customers’ needs. From locally produced down-to-earth services and goods to cloud-based projects in various languages. What do you need help with?

Både naturnära och molnbaserade tjänster. Both down to earth and cloud based services


Instructional videos? Custom texts? Digitisation of documents?
For anything related to words and pictures, contact:

svEjs Explainit logo

Kristina Ejstes-Svensson

070-002 6555

Also answering questions about svEjs Eclectic – cancer related tips.


Coffee for the conference? Assistance around the party? Firewood? Forestry? For everything related to local services, contact:

Ulf Svensson

070-294 5315

svEjs AB

Eriksro Skålsta 207, SE-74191 Knivsta 559207-6680
Bankgiro 712-6196
Plusgiro 944629-5
IBAN SE1830000000011953086683
VAT SE 559207668001

The company future

  • AB will during the 2020s continue to produce in small scale.
  • Explainit, the core of the company, will take on short assignments related to text, image, voice and film – in Swedish and English.
  • Explicit, the more down-to-earth part of svEjs AB, will deliver your choice of local services and products.
  • Eclectic will assist with selected cancer related experiences and tips.
  • Extra will be filled with inspirational material.

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