Explainit explains it

” It is as easy as they say.
If explained in a plain way. ” 

  • Explainit can help you with:
  1. Films and instructions
  2. Speeches and presentations
  3. Signs and illustrations
  4. Human-machine voice interactions
  5. Short audio productions

Easing your documentation anguish.
In proper Swedish or English language.
Digitising your instructions.
Describing software and constructions.
Word and web. Image and text.
Films showing users what to do next.

No need to supply a place to work at.
You just have to choose the delivery format!

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  • Explainit has been producing webs, images, films and descriptive texts for decades.
So far during the 2020s

Solves several companies’ various problems regarding technical documentation, as a contracted sub-consultant.
“No real worries remain for me,
because all is well, and now I see
a filled agenda for two thousand twenty-three!”

Participates as svEjs Explainit in international projects around AI, voice-guided interactions, transcription and translation.

Experiments, in spare time, with svEjs Extra; inspirational material.

Created svEjs Eclectic; a selection of a cancer patient’s experiences and a collection of practical tips.


Bild på manual Designed web structures and digitised manuals

See earlier work on YouTube Created animated information

Founded svEjs AB


Developed systems for passenger handling in cooperation with airlines and authorities. Participated in, and informed about, the deployment of airport systems.


Made signs, banners and instructions for restaurants, shops and organisations.


Wrote articles for the newspaper Mora Tidning.


  • Explainit is run by Kristina Ejstes-Svensson, a web content creator who has worked digitally and remotely for 30 years.
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