Hej svEjs!

The old-fashioned Swedish perky Hej svejs [hey sveyjs] means both Hi there and Bye-bye. Say it when you talk to representatives from svEjs, the small company with two branches!

  • Explainit, the digital branch with roots in technical documentation, can explain whatever needs to be explained.
  • Explicit, the local branch handles explicit down-to-earth services.

Digital svEjs Explainit logo

assists with text, voice and images, on web and film, in Swedish and English. Here your seed of thought can blossom and be developed into a brilliant idea.

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"Glowing flowers"
The flower called Morning glory animated with sparks and flames. Copyright Kristina Ejstes-Svensson


delivers locally produced goods and services based on your explicit needs; that is, producing the party, the food or the fire wood. Here your seed of thought can grow to reach unimaginable heights.

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The story of svEjs

  • was created in Uppsala in 1981 in Uppsala when he, Svensson, and she, Ejstes, got engaged. In their spare time, they worked together with any project they both enjoyed.
  • became an odd service-oriented duo. He was an Air Force Officer who refined flavours and managed the serving at events. She was a Store Manager > IT Project Manager > Web Manager who assisted small enterprises in writing and visualizing.
  • is now the company svEjs AB, offering both web-based and down-to-earth services, in and around the residence Eriksro in Vassunda, three miles south of Uppsala. Email or call …
  • Explainit is run by Kristina Ejstes-Svensson who has evolved together with digital technology.
    • Kristina remains tech-savvy in projects on artificial intelligence and voice-controlled services.
    • As a technical documentation consultant she is constantly gaining new knowledge of the customers’ various industries.
    • In spare time she experiments with various technical solutions and collects inspirational material under svEjs Extra.
    • During cancer treatment, she gathered selected personal experiences in the Swedish subproject svEjs Eclectic.
  • Explicit is run by Ulf Svensson who continuously learn more about nature’s raw materials.

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