On this page, you will find samples from playing with web content. Just as inspiration. If you want creative help with your web, contact svEjs AB.


From the magic palindrome date 12022021, I am once again able to help customers, as seen in this commercial.

As svEjsExplainit I assist with, among other things:

  • User instructions, product descriptions and training materials
  • Digitization; converting documents into searchable web articles.
  • Rebranding of websites and documents.

Quick guide

A true documentalist can not resist the urge to write a manual when someone seems to have a problem. This is for those who are to participate in a Zoom meeting via mobile phone for the first time…

Text, audio and images

© svEjs. This film in Swedish. Seen with English subtitles on Youtube.

Visual video text

The music video below is reproduced with subtitles. The film is borrowed from YouTube because it represents the pandemic 2020. The text allows you to sing along with a choir, about the ones you lost.

For original film info, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB6yjGVuzVo

Pixelated persons

The main purpose of the Swedish film below is to present what was said during an extraordinary coffee break at TeliaCompany. All but the main character is pixelated. During almost nine minutes you:

  1. hear the team leader’s farewell speech. The audio quality is slightly disturbed, by coffee machines.
  2. get to know what Kristina Ejstes-Svensson said when leaving the Telia ACE systems development group (from 05.20)
  3. see the gifts from colleagues and credentials from the employer.
The “good-bye-fika” at TeliaCompany Customer Integrated Solutions.

A charity event choir on TV

Green-haired svEjs Explainit is spotted twice, at the bottom right (1.20 and 1.45).

Friday film

This 25-second music video is reproduced from a film clip borrowed from Facebook. It it gives a real party feeling, in all its simplicity.

For original film info, see https://www.facebook.com/sixties.timemachine/videos/319528335763922/?vh=e&extid=LL6VhMNB6sTDlLvo

Poems and pics

Swedish rhyme, illustrated with a few seconds of animation like the one seen below, are found on a separate page.